Thursday, August 2, 2007

It's Thursday

Man, it's hot outside! Just got back from the store, and the heat just makes it so exhausting!

Got up and did FC this morning. There was no way I could do FS and FC back to back last week, but I thought I'd see if I could do it and I did! I've been reading a lot about should you do weight work back to back or not. (After all that is what FS and FC were originally designed for.) I think since my highest weight I'm using right now are 10 lb. dumbbells, I should be fine. I don't know why, but for me table work is SOOOO tough! I can do the squats, lunges, dips keeping up with the beat. When it comes to the table work, I can never quite crank out the reps! And that's without ankle weights. Oh well, it will come too!

Was supposed to go out to dinner last night with a friend but we ended up at my house ordering pizza so the kids could play. I knew last night would be a splurge night, so I ordered from my favorite place (they have sourdough crust ... yummy!) I put out fresh fruit and only ate 2 slices. Normally when we get this pizza, I eat 4-5 pieces and then am so uncomfortably full the rest of the night. I remember many times vowing I would never do it again yet next time it was same story. With the fruit being out I munched on that while we talked. It felt so good to enjoy the splurge without feeling horrible (physically and mentally) afterwards!

My sisters and I are planning to go rent a condo by a lake up north next week. I am really excited! I would like to continue with workouts while up there but not sure if I should lug weights up or what. I'll get in a workout at home Tuesday before heading up and will come home Friday, so I could squeeze one in that afternoon. That leaves Wednesday and Thursday. I'll have to think about what to bring. Maybe I could do some run/walk intervals and bring some pilates or SBHT.

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