Friday, August 17, 2007


I had a CRAPPY last night ... overindulged on pizza (thought I learned my lesson) and it spiraled into me into lots of negative thinking (not losing weight fast enough, not enough money, not enough time ... and on and on). After I got through the whole pity party thing, I realized how much overeating really affects my mood and confidence. I think it was something I haven't felt for a while, so it was such a shock on my system. Still recovering from it today, but feeling much more positive and more myself. Was feeling sore and SO not like working out this morning, but I was able to talk myself into doing SBHT. Felt SO much better when I completed it!

Aubrey and I might do a 5K walk/run tomorrow! My friend called and told me about it and we just might do it. Have to figure out the logistics, but wouldn't that be cool? I WILL overcome the negative thoughts, I WILL prevail.

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  1. That's the spirit! We accomplish nothing by being negative. Pessimism tends to limit our options because we view things so fatalistically. Being optimistic instead is empowering, but very difficult to do when we are used to giving into negativity. We need to work at it. You're on your way, though. Sometimes we just have to stubbornly fight for optimism. ;)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. It was nice seeing you the other night as well.

    Douglas Cootey
    The Splintered Mind