Friday, August 24, 2007

Week 7 measurements

So I finally got around to doing my measurements:

Week 7
weight - -6.6 lbs
chest - -.5"
R arm - -1.25"
L arm - -.75"
waist - -2"
hips - -1"
butt - -1"
R thigh - -.5"
L thigh - -.75"
R calf - -1.25"
L calf - -1.25"

If you remember, at my last measurement, I was so discouraged because my weight AND measurements went up ... some higher than when I started.

I am so glad I stuck to it, because now all of the numbers are going in the right direction. My body is definitely changing. Just a moment ago I scratched my shoulder and I felt a buldge (and not the bad kind!) ... I felt the slight rounded muscle at the top of my shoulder and thought ... "Where'd that come from?" My arms and legs are no longer just mush. They're mush with very distinct muscles beginning to pop through!!!

There's still that part of my that in impatient with the results and wants to be skinny NOW. But this is me not listening!

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