Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Halfway through the week!

My body was really sore last night and this morning so I decided to take it easy. I've really been wanting to learn yoga and actually bought a mat a few weeks ago. So I pulled out one of my beginner routines, it's a cool DVD that has 4 25 minute sessions that teach the basic moves, breathing, etc. I can definitely see yoga as challenging my body in a different way. I only went through a few poses, but some of them were HARD to hold. And I am definitely no where near as flexible as I'd like to be. I just bought 9 new yogas DVDs for $20 ( and already have American Power Yoga and a Brian Kest yoga DVD.

If I am not too sore tonight, I might go run/walking with Aubrey. But I don't want to push it either!

We went and got a backpack last night for Aubrey. She was feeling very mature (she IS going into 2nd grade after all) and thought the character (hello kitty, princess, etc.) backpacks were much too juvenile for her! She picked out a very cute (and mature!) brown and pink with cheetah print bag. She told me that she really feels older than 7 ... kids are precious!

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