Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Half way through the week

Taylor went to Las Vegas yesterday for a work trip so I am a single mother until Sunday night. It's weird because this is only the 2nd time in our 9 years of marriage that I'm home alone! (I'm normally the one taking off on him!!!) Aubrey slept with me last night, but man is she a loud sleeper, we are going to have to reconsider that tonight!

Just got done with FS. It feels awesome to really do a one hour workout 100%, no cheats. Of course Braden was up early this morning and was his usual helpful self (trying to ride his bike under me while I attempted plie squats.)

Been doing good keeping track of my eating. I realized I wasn't getting enough fiber, so I have been working on that. The rest of the numbers have been pretty good. The scale finally budged downward this morning, but I won't post officially on that until Monday.

Overall I am feeling very positive today. Got a lot of work ahead with my job today and I am ready to go!

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