Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm Joining the Team!

I’ve been doing lots of thinking lately and heard some really great things about opportunities from Beachbody (the company that produced Chalean Extreme and many of the other top workout programs out there, P90X, Turbo Jam, Insanity, etc.). After much thought, I’ve decided to become an Independent Beachbody Coach!!!

What does this mean? I’ll be able to pursue something I am passionate about (health & exercise) and help others reach their goals, while reaching my own goals at the same time.

New to Beachbody?

  • Create a free account and pick me to be your coach. You don’t have to buy anything (sweet!)
  • Once I am your coach …
    • I can invite you to my workout group (share your goals and be accountable to someone else!). Swift behind kicks are available upon request.
    • You can log your workouts daily in the Beachbody Super Gym. During the month of July they are giving away $600 a day. The more you workout, the better your chances! (ANY workout counts!)
    • You can become a paid Beachbody member and receive 10% all future orders, personalized meal plans, access to celebrity trainers and much more!
    • You can purchase any of the popular Beachbody workout systems, Shakeology or Beachbody supplements. Already have a plan that is working for you? You can still benefit from and use the Beachbody website, while using the workouts and supplements that already work for you!
    • I’ll be available to give you inside info and tips to help you be successful!
  • Create your own business and become a coach with Beachbody!
Already have an account with Beachbody?
  • Are you looking for a new coach to help you stay motivated? Just send an email to and tell them you'd like to switch to Carrie Keele "carriezworld" as she is a better fit for you.
  • Already have a great coach? No problem! I’d still love it if you joined my workout group as you achieve “Results Not Typical!”
My promises to you:
  • I will not be obnoxious. We’ve all had it happen before. Maybe it was a pushy car salesman or a Mary Kay lady who just wouldn’t take no for an answer. My biggest reservation in becoming a coach was people thinking I was only out to make money. But that’s just not me.
  • I will be completely honest. I will tell you my opinion and what works for me. If that means it is a non-Beachbody product I’ll tell ya!
I’m excited to start this new journey and hope you’ll join me!

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