Thursday, July 22, 2010

Love your Body

Tough concept, huh girls? (I'm sure guys have their body issues, but it seems like this is such a girl thing!)

Yesterday I was having a conversation with my 10 year old daughter about bodies. I told her how when I was younger I never loved or appreciated my body. It's only come as I've gotten older and even then I have to really work to feel the love. And even then I have to really work at it.

Have you seen this Dove Ad? It's only 46 seconds, you have to watch it (especially if you have kids):

Makes me cry every time. We are just SO hard on ourselves. How better to teach our daughters esteem than to LOVE OUR BODIES! Right now. With no conditions. Combat those bad thoughts when they come (and they will.) Because YOU are beautiful. I am beautiful.

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