Thursday, July 8, 2010

Push ups ... is it possible?

Push ups have been one of those exercises that have always evaded me. I'm amazed when I see people push out perfect form push ups on their toes. I always thought it was something that would just happen as I get thinner. But today at the gym I was blown away by a girl with a similar physic to me do 48 reps with impeccable form.

So, this got me thinking. Could I do push ups? When I did my first round of CLX, I went from not being able to even do one push up on my knees (with good form) to keeping up with most of the reps (with fairly good form). Heck YA I can do it!

I've heard of the 100 push up challenge and am thinking I of diving in. Anyone with me? It's like this, you measure your current ability and then follow the proper program for you. By the end you should be able to do 100 push ups. Sounds easy enough, right? Hehehe.

I'm going to start tomorrow with my initial test as I'm pretty sore from today's workout (did some crazy should work!)

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